What’s Hypno-Yoga All About?

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Come join me for an energetic flow class where sweat and hypnosis collide in a fun and light, yet deep and profound experience that’s guaranteed to be indescribably delicious!

I know, I know. You think you can’t be hypnotized. It’s a common misconception. Hypnosis is natural. You’re in hypnosis every day, multiple times. It starts 30 minutes before you fall asleep. Or when you’re lost in thought, and miss your freeway exit. You’re in it when your popcorn goes flying during the zombie attack scene (organic popcorn, olive oil only, of course). Your conscious mind knows it’s a movie, but your subconscious does not. “They’re just actors covered in catsup!” exclaims your conscious logic. Yet your heart rate increases and your jump out of your seat just the same. Your subconscious did that, because it doesn’t have logic, it doesn’t know any better.

Which is why you grab the cookie even though you say, “I really shouldn’t be eating this” in between bites! Your conscious is doing the reasoning, but it’s the bigger subconscious who stuffs cookie after cookie into the emotional gullet. Think of the possibilities when your subconscious learns to be ON THE SAME TEAM as your conscious decisions!

We’ll start that process on April 26th, at the Hypno-Yoga Body Design Intensive: Saturday, 6:30PM to 9:00PM. Register for your spot here: Sign me up for Hypno-Yoga!

We’ll cover the basics of hypnosis, have a little demo, and answer all those questions like “You gonna make me bark like a dog and quack like a duck?” The answer, of course, is NO! You will be in control, and you will be your own hypnotist, and you will deposit your positive intentions into your own subconscious mind.

Come prepared with several ideas…we will give you more when you arrive. My personal favorites include: skinny, slender, strong, flexible, happy, peaceful, confident, masterful, limitless, prosperous, joyful, beautiful… these are just a few. You may use some of these, or you can pick your own.

See you soon!

Hypnotically yours,
Janna Colaco
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Yoga Instructor

Re-Treat Yourself in Tulum, Mexico

Shambala Petit Hotel, Riviera Maya, Mexico 03

by Kim Purdy

Do you dream of going on a retreat? I know I do! How often do you actually give back to yourself for all your hard work and commitments? I think we all deserve to treat ourselves. I’m excited to splurge a little and take time for some much needed rest, renewal, and refocusing.

Tulum sounds like the exotic low-key escape that I’ve been dreaming of. It is described that in Tulum, luxury and earthiness coexist, but the coin of the realm is spirituality. What a perfect paradise for a yoga retreat! This beautiful village on the south end of the Riviera Maya enjoys a deep-rooted history in the important culture of the ancient Mayan people.

It is said that the best time to travel to Tulum is in the spring, so Purple Yoga’s retreat in April is going to bring us there with warm weather during the day and a cool breeze at night. I’ve already begun looking at excursions and various activities in Tulum. The LabnaHa Cenotes and Eco Park are voted among the top must-sees. The cenotes are natural sinkholes that were sometimes used by ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings. These cenotes were believed by the ancient Mayan to be the entrance to the underworld. Today, it has some of the best snorkeling, an underground river, cave exploration, and diving. For an extra flare, zip-lining is offered. Great news is that it’s also not super touristy, and it’s only 10 miles from where we are staying at Shambala Petit Hotel.

As I’ve been dreaming of all the possibilities for this adventure, I’m most excited about the lasting relationships that are always created on retreats. Spending six days in paradise, exploring the natural wonders of Tulum, and sharing the simplest of pleasures with a group, provides the perfect platform to lifetime friendships. It is an honor to co-lead the Tulum retreat with my good friend, Alex Roberts!

To register, click here: Sign me up for Tulum!


Hatha For Hunger


As the month of November is known for giving thanks, it can also be the time to re-adjust our attitude for more gratitude, and to recognize what is abundant in our lives to have empathy towards those who have nothing.

On November 23, we will be hosting ‘Hatha For Hunger’–a yoga charity event to raise awareness and donations for ‘No Kid Hungry‘, a nationwide organization driven to help fight childhood hunger in the United States. As many as 16 million children (that’s 1 out of 5 kids) struggle with undernourishment and inaccessibility to healthy meals, which in turn, affects their overall academic performance and growth into healthy, happy adults.

This event will present a showcase of yoga classes throughout the day, with a variety of yin (restorative) and power flow classes to suit all of our participants’ needs. In addition, there will be a live concert spun by DJ Tory for those seeking to enjoy an aural experience, with food/beverages available for purchase.

Ready to give back? Click here to register: I want to help fight childhood hunger!

With your participation and contributions, we can help our future generations reach their full potential. Through one yoga breath at a time, we can combine and share our strength to those in most need.

What is Yoga Therapy RX?


There are many different types of yoga out there and even at Purple Yoga, we will pull various lineages to create our unique class schedule. Now you will see a new program arrive at Purple Yoga! Yoga Therapy RX is a program designed for those of you that are dealing with health challenges–whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. Yoga Therapy is the marriage between Western medicine and Eastern philosophy to empower the progression of overall health.

Let’s face it, not every yoga class is suitable for students with injuries of limitations. At least, not right away! As yoga therapists, Noelle and Kim will educate you on what postures are beneficial vs. harmful based on your physical condition. Our goal is to get you into a group class with the knowledge of exactly how to care for your body. After all, it’s the only place you have to live!

The first Yoga Therapy session usually takes 90-minutes to review your history, perform an evaluation that tests your range of motion, lung capacity, mental and emotional health, and learn yoga techniques specifically designed to suit your needs. This session closely resembles a physical therapy or rehabilitation appointment; however, what sets it apart is specific breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that open up the body’s capacity to heal itself.

If you are looking for a personal yoga program that will improve your overall health and well-being, Yoga Therapy RX sessions could be the right fit for you.

If you are interested in learning more, please come to the FREE informational session on October 6th in Long Beach! Noelle and Kim will be there to answer all of your questions. In addition, if you’d like to register for this new program, please email us at info@purpleyoga.org to schedule your appointment.